2 day course – AI from a business perspective

Develop a solid understanding of how AI is being applied across a range of verticals. Learn how to assess value, feasibility and visibility from real use cases and leave with the toolkit to start identifying opportunities within your own business.

“This high-quality, intensive course gives practical insight into modern machine learning tools and how they can be leveraged to create business value.”

Mattijs de Groot, CTO, LUMICKS

23 - 24 JULY

Tuesday 23rd – Wednesday 24th July 2019
Both days: 9.00 – 17.00
Location: Prinsengracht 697, 1017 JV Amsterdam
Drinks, lunch & snacks provided

27 - 28 AUGUST

Tuesday 27th – Wednesday 28th August 2019
Both days: 9.00 – 17.00
Location: Prinsengracht 697, 1017 JV Amsterdam
Drinks, lunch & snacks provided


Tuesday 25th – Wednesday 26th September 2019
Both days: 9.00 – 17.00
Location: Prinsengracht 697, 1017 JV Amsterdam
Drinks, lunch & snacks provided

“I feel like the clouds in my head that always formed in my head when listening to people talking about AI have lifted”

Angelika Franzke, Principal Business Analyst, Capgemini

This two day course is open to anyone who wants to learn how AI can be applied from a business perspective and how to identify and evaluate potential business cases in your own organisation.

Especially recommended for:

    • CxO’s
    • Digital Transformation Managers
    • Innovation Managers
    • Marketing/Sales Leaders

No prior knowledge needed.

Upon completing the course you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate the value, feasibility, and other aspects of a business application for various types of AI technologies
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of machine learning
  • Understand how to gather, prepare and leverage data
  • Recognise which problems machine learning can solve (and which it can not)
  • Successfully develop a roadmap of business cases within your company
  • Describe a range of feasible business applications for artificial intelligence

This program consists of two training days on location at BrainCreators HQ.

  • The course cost is €1950 for 2 days
  • Each participant who finishes the course will receive a certificate of participation summarising the acquired skills
  • Additional services such as hotel bookings and an evening program can be arranged upon request
  • Complimentary coffee, drinks, lunch and snacks will be provided


Maarten Stol, Principal Scientific Advisor, BrainCreators 

Maarten has a background in theoretical AI, with a broad focus ranging from nature inspired problem solving methods to formal logic and automated reasoning. At BrainCreators Maarten is responsible for keeping the development team up to date with the latest scientific research in machine learning and providing technical support to the sales team. In addition, Maarten is a supervisor to Bachelor and Master internship projects at BrainCreators and a keynote speaker and evangelist for AI in practice.


Jasper Wognum, CEO, BrainCreators 

Since Jasper studied artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam in the 90’s he has been involved with a number of successful technology startups including Hyves, TMG, Fashiolista, Strawberries, Transparent. In 2013 he co-founded LookLive, a fashion discovery and shopping platform that monetizes products with the aid of artificial intelligence. As the time was ripe for artificial intelligences broad deployment, Jasper went on to found BrainCreators together with two of his former university classmates. 


Tommaso Gritti, Director AI Solutions, BrainCreators 

Tommaso started his career at Philips Research in 2006, where he led the transition from image processing to computer vision and machine learning. He focused particularly on bridging the gap between academic research and technologies that were directly applicable to various business units. He went on to join the Philips Hue team as a Product Manager where he was responsible for the development and global launch of a bunch of Connected Lighting products. After starting a crowdfunding site for artisan food he dove back into Machine Learning and joined BrainCreators leading the AI Solutions team.


Nicholas Hogan, Machine Learning Engineer, BrainCreators

Nicholas became fascinated with machine learning during his Masters thesis in 2015 at the University of Amsterdam. He investigated the potential of using big data in finding patterns in shareholder proxy contests. Prior to joining BrainCreators in 2017 Nicholas worked for Xomnia, a leading big data consultancy that empowers organisations to create maximum value of data. He has had extensive training in advanced statistical methods and python.

“If you consider AI is ‘whatever hasn’t been done yet,’ this course keeps you grounded and human.”

Peter Siepel, Customer Director, Schuberg Philis


Day 1


Towards a data-centric digital company

  • The AI Maturity Model
  • Do’s & Don’ts from experience
  • Moving up and ahead of the curve

Creating a shared understanding about AI part 1

  • Definitions
  • Deep Learning demo
  • History of AI
  • Present day AI
  • Non-Human Intelligence

Creating a shared understanding about AI part 2

  • Machine Learning
  • Data & Features
  • Making Decisions
  • Overfitting
  • Neural Networks


The importance of data

  • Trends in data
  • Why is data fundamental?
  • Data sources
  • Assessing data quality
  • How to create a “data mentality” in your company
  • Techniques to collect and enrich data

AI Process & Infrastructure

  • AI process
  • How to apply Lean to AI
  • AI infrastructure: data storage, hardware, software and machine learning frameworks

Exploring possibilities of AI in different domains

  • Introduction to the building blocks enabling most AI applications
  • Example applications for several verticals

Day 2


Looking inside real AI projects from BrainCreators

  • Services: object localization in ground radar scans
  • News Media:  Smart Radio: a personalized podcast
  • eCommerce: product classification
  • Logistics: last mile delivery optimization
  • Steel production: quality control for steel coil manufacturing
  • Medical: stroke diagnosis
  • Telecom: fault detection in large telecom networks

Identifying AI-enabled cases

  • Robotic Process Automation & AI
  • How to identify AI-enabled cases
  • Build-or-Buy choice

Is it worth it?

  • How to Value Machine Learning and Reduce Project Risk



Discovering your own cases & evaluating your cases

  • Hands-on case creation for your business

AI in Business – 2018 analysis

  • How are enterprise leaders dealing with AI?
  • What separates the pioneers of AI in the enterprise world from the rest?
  • Is the gap between pioneers and the rest widening or narrowing?
  • What are myths?

The future of jobs

  • What will be the impact on AI on the future of jobs?
  • What jobs will be automated and which will be created?
  • How can we best prepare for it?