2 day course – Deep Learning from a technical perspective

Dates will be announced soon


This intensive, hands-on course is designed for those seeking a better understanding and knowledge of the main technology trends driving Deep Learning. You will have an introduction to machine learning, datamining, and statistical pattern recognition. Attendees will gain an understanding of Deep Learning technology, practical scenarios to build, train and apply algorithms of fully connected Deep Neural Networks and strategies to configure the key parameters in a neural network’s architecture.

Register your interest by sending an email to annabelle@braincreators.com

This training has been developed for individuals with a technical background seeking a better understanding of machine learning and algorithms for building and learning neural networks. 

Especially recommended for:

  • Developers
  • IT Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Data Scientists

Meet your trainers


Gerbert Kaandorp, Co-Founder & CTO, BrainCreators

Gerbert has led a number of successful entrepreneurial technology companies since studying artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam in the mid 90’s. His most notable venture was as Co-Founder and CTO of Backbase where he spent 10 years building breakthrough technology products for the banking industry. Backbase grew to become one of the biggest fintech companies globally. Gerbert moved back into artificial intelligence technology when he co-founded Looklive in 2013, an artificial intelligence based fashion discovery and shopping platform.



Maarten Stol, Principal Scientific Advisor, BrainCreators 

Maarten has a background in theoretical AI, with a broad focus ranging from nature inspired problem solving methods to formal logic and automated reasoning. At BrainCreators Maarten is responsible for keeping the development team up to date with the latest scientific research in machine learning and providing technical support to the sales team. In addition, Maarten is a supervisor to Bachelor and Master students at the University of Amsterdam.




Jasper Wognum, CEO, BrainCreators 

Since Jasper studied artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam in the 90’s he has been involved with a number of successful technology startups including Hyves, TMG, Fashiolista, Strawberries, Transparent. In 2013 he co-founded LookLive, a fashion discovery and shopping platform that monetizes products with the aid of artificial intelligence. As the time was ripe for artificial intelligences broad deployment, Jasper went on to found BrainCreators together with two of his former university classmates. 



Tommaso Gritti, Director AI Solutions, BrainCreators 

Tommaso started his career at Philips Research in 2006, where he led the transition from image processing to computer vision and machine learning. He focused particularly on bridging the gap between academic research and technologies that were directly applicable to various business units. He went on to join the Philips Hue team as a Product Manager where he was responsible for the development and global launch of a bunch of Connected Lighting products. After starting a crowdfunding site for artisan food he dove back into Machine Learning and joined BrainCreators leading the AI Solutions team.

Full agenda to follow shortly