Maarten Stol

Principal Scientific Officer - BrainCreators

Maarten has a background in theoretical AI, with a broad focus ranging from nature inspired problem solving methods to formal logic and automated reasoning. At BrainCreators Maarten is responsible for keeping the development team up to date with the latest scientific research in machine learning and providing technical support to the sales team. In addition, Maarten…

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Tommaso Gritti

Director AI Solutions - BrainCreators

Tommaso started his career at Philips Research in 2006, where he led the transition from image processing to computer vision and machine learning. He focused particularly on bridging the gap between academic research and technologies that were directly applicable to various business units. He went on to join the Philips Hue team as a Product…

Nicholas Hogan

Machine Learning Engineer - BrainCreators

Nicholas became fascinated with machine learning during his Masters thesis in 2015 at the University of Amsterdam. He investigated the potential of using big data in finding patterns in shareholder proxy contests. Prior to joining BrainCreators in 2017 Nicholas worked for Xomnia, a leading big data consultancy that empowers organisations to create maximum value of…